Our One World TV Series

Our One World interviews are seeking to discover new ideas which may provide an explanation of the surrounding world and man’s place in it; of man’s relationship to the world and himself and the environment in which he co-exists with nature.

These interviews seek to explore how we look at our world from different perspectives……from the perspective of a Philosopher, an Art’s leader, an Economist, a Paralympian–a Spiritual Philosopher, a Spiritual Community …….
Damanhur….Vision of a Spiritual Community

Damanhur –  Vision of a Spiritual Community 

Nigel Carrington -An Arts Leader’s Vision

Professor Sir Charles Bean-An Economist’s Vision

Dr. Brian Klug – A Philosopher’s Vision

Rev Lucy Winkett- A Spiritual Philosopher’s Vision

Marc Woods- A Paralympian’s Vision

Dr Richard Smith-A Healer’s Vision

Orango Riso of Damanhur. A Spiritual Healer’s Vision

Discovering Humanity TV Series

Discovering that humanity has a caring heart is a wonderful antidote to the suffering caused by conflict in the world today. I have been fortunate to meet and discover more of these kind, compassionate and thoughtful people who are helping to make a difference.

Andrea Bocelli –The Power of Silence

Joseph Calleja –The Power of Goodness

Sattar Edhi-The Power of Mercy

Damaris Lau-The Power of Meditation

Clive Stafford Smith-The Power of Freedom

Kishwer Naheed-The Power of Poetry

Monk U Thu Wana – The Power of Karma

Saira Peter-The Power of Spiritual Music

Asif Rangoonwala-The Power of Business

The Children of the Monastery. This beautiful and heartfelt song is sung, composed and donated by Charlie Freeman to The Inle Trust.

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